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Spring 2014!

Honeybee on a dandelion

Honeybee Packages, Nucs, Oxalic Acid Vaporizers & Beekeeping Lessons

Our roadside farm market is closed for the season but we're still available by appointment (and sometimes luck if you catch us!) here at the farm, so you can still stop by for honey (of course!), (when available) local fresh brown eggs (and sometimes blue or green Araucana eggs!), limited quantities of naturally raised pork, beef & chicken, and handmade soaps & beeswax candles.

We've taken the last of the year's honey off the hives and have them "buttoned up" for Winter, as Mark says.

For those looking for equipment and supplies, we're still good to go! 

Just a recommendation: If you're planning to pick up equipment, it's best to call or email ahead to be sure we have it assembled & waiting for you. Also to make sure someone is here to help you! It's a super busy part of the season (is there a part that *isn't* busy? Ha!) and Mark is often out in the bee yards.  

2014 3lb Honeybee Packages

We're taking orders for Spring Packages. 3lbs of honeybees w/ a mated queen $89.00

We'll also have more 5 Frame Nucs available in late Spring/early Summer. $140.00

Beekeeping Supplies
Call or email for our catalog. Woodenware, suits, smokers, and much more.

Oxalic Acid Vaporizer. Click the Buy link to the left for additional info on the vaporizer info page. Other great sources for info on its application can be found here Oxalic Acid:  Questions, Answers, and More Questions:  Part 1 of 2 Parts & Oxalic Acid: Heat Vaporization and Other Methods:  Part 2 of 2 Parts & Oxalic Acid Treatment    Here is a great video demonstrating its use.

Beekeeping Lessons. Call or email for info

Market Hours: Winter hours are by appointment

The market is open from sometime in May until sometime near October. But honey, fresh brown eggs, and some freezer beef, pork & chicken is available year round from our house next door. We just recommend you call ahead before stopping out, to make sure we're free to help you! You can also find stores that carry our honey on the "Buy Our Honey" link on the left.

Thanks so much for looking us up!