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Hive Health

Keep synthetic chemicals and pesticides out of your hives!

Heilyser Technology manufactures and distributes the JB200 Electric Oxalic Acid Vaporizer & Thymomite* Thymol Strips.

The Varroa Mite originated in Southeast Asia and is now found on every continent except Australia..Individual bees infested with Varroa are harmed in two ways - first, by loss of hemolymph, which in it self is serious, and second, by the puncture wound, which allows entry of infections and disease. Even in low infestations, bees suffer weight loss and shortened life.

We have been very pleased with the results of the rotational use of both of these organic mite treatments, Thymomite and OA vaporization, in our hives. They are easy to use, natural & organic, and non-polluting. These treatments also have not been shown to promote resistence in the mites, a serious problem with synthetic pesticides.

"Wow!! That was incredible....unbelievable mite drop over just one week's time. Vaporization worked like a charm and not one bee affected. In the war of mite erradication, vaporization is like a smart bomb for the colony...kills the mites dead and leaves the bees unharmed.....they're fine and none the worse for wear."-"a beekeeper from Eastern PA."

Click the Buy link to the left for additional info on the vaporizer info page. Other great sources for info on its application can be found here Oxalic Acid:  Questions, Answers, and More Questions:  Part 1 of 2 Parts Oxalic Acid: Heat Vaporization and Other Methods:  Part 2 of 2 Parts & Oxalic Acid Treatment    Here is a great video demonstrating its use.


Welcome to Bedillion Honey Farm-Where You Can "Come See The Bees!"

Black Locust Honey, a rare treat! 

Our roadside farm market is open for the season!

Wednesday-Friday 10am-6pm

Saturday & Sunday 10am-4pm

Closed Mondays & Tuesdays

We're also available by appointment for beekeeping equipment here at the farm.

Check out our 2015 Catalog online here. 

We are currently sold out of 2015 3lb Honeybee Packages & 2015 5-Frame Nucleus Colonies. If more become available, we will put them back on the site.

Beekeeping Lessons: Mark has been providing beekeeping lessons for the last year or so. They are one on one (you can bring a spouse, parent, child, etc if you like,) by appointment and hands on with the equipment and the bees. $60 for one or $200 for 4 lessons throughout the season. (We recommend the 4 because they cover the different seasonal activities with the hives.)

We require students to wear either a bee suit or bee jacket into the yards with us. They can be rented if you don't have your own.  

The first lesson subjects can include building a frame & hive body, use of tools & equipment, setting up a hive, proper bee space, a mock installation of package bees & nucs, all about feeding and more.

Just a recommendation: If you're planning to pick up equipment, it's best to call or email ahead to be sure we have it assembled & waiting for you. Also to make sure someone is here to help you! Even in the winter we might be out in the hives.

Beekeeping Supplies Call or email for our catalog. Woodenware, suits, smokers, and much more.


Thanks so much for looking us up!